Woodworking Vancouver WA


Woodworking Vancouver WAWhen you buy a house you plan on keeping it for a long time. So having it decorated and designed exactly the way you want it is very important in making a house a home. Home decor includes a lot more than just debating over a paint color for the kitchen. A lot of people overlook all the woodwork that goes into a home. But why spend all that time picking the perfect paint color if you’re not going to spend that much time for the woodwork that goes with it. Crown molding and custom cabinets add such an elegant appearance to your home. When the finishing details are being added to a home it requires a lot of attention to detail in order to create the beautiful designs. At USA Carpentry, our team of finish carpenters put a lot of effort into their woodworking skills to create elegant pieces. Carpenters use a lot of different materials depending on what work is being done.

Different Materials For Woodworking

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Fir
  • Redwood
  • And More!

Woodworking and Molding

There are many different styles of molding and each one has a different purpose and offers different aesthetic appeal. Depending on what look you are going for one type of molding might be better suited for you than another. The purpose of trimming is to hide any gaps or other imperfections where the wall meets the ceiling or where the wall meets the floor. These little gaps are impossible to hide when the two different materials meet at an angle. The molding and trimming provide not only a useful purpose but also opens up to the availability of added decoration. There is the option to have very ornate crown molding to accentuate the design of the room or you can opt for something more simple and modern for a chic look. Whatever look you are going for our carpenters have all the woodworking skills to provide you with the design and color you want.

Different Types of Woodwork Molding

Woodworking in Vancouver WABaseboards are very common and found along the bottom of the wall. They hide the gaps where the floor and the wall connect. And they also work to protect the wall from damage. These can be plain and simple or more ornate.
Crown Molding is known for being very detailed and beautiful. This type of trim is used where the walls and ceiling intersect to create a smooth transition between the two.
Cove Molding is very similar to crown molding but this type of trim has a concave curve to it. This offers a very smooth, modern look to the room.
Chair Rail Molding was originally used to protect the walls from chairs damaging them. Now it is used for more decorative purposes. This type of molding offers more options for different color patterns. It is very common in dining rooms.
Panel molding is similar to chair molding but this style consists of empty frames that can go from floor to ceiling. Depending on the color and style, panel molding can add a fun, energetic feel or an elegant, sophisticated feel.
Wainscoting is different form the rest of the molding styles because it typically uses wood panels to cover the lower parts of the walls. There is a large variety of wainscoting styles.

Other Types of Woodworking

Finish carpenters can do much more than the molding for your house. With our teams skill and artistry for woodworking we can also build beautiful mantles, closets, standard and built in shelving and cabinets. Even the staircases and hand railing can be done by our team. We pride ourselves on our excellent craftsmanship. Any type of remolding woodwork you want done, let us know.