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    What Is Finish Carpentry?

    Finish Carpentry Vancouver WA

    After a house has been built and it is time to add the finishing touches, one of the most important aspects to the homeowners is the aesthetics of the house which is what finish carpenters add. The people who do this job are expert craftsmen, it is not a skill that is simple to learn and easy for everyone. Finish carpentry requires precision and creativity. A lot of the woodwork done by finish carpenters is custom work for the clients. So communication between our team members and our customers is vital. We want you to be excited and pleased by the work we deliver to you. That is why we take notes about design and color and shape of everything you want and make our work as precise as possible. Not only do we produce beautiful work but everything we make is made from high quality materials that are built to last. We offer a list of popular wood choices for all your cabinets or bookshelves or whatever else you need done. The wood choices include cherry, oak, mahogany, and the list goes on. Every person has a different style in mind and therefore would want different wood choices to compliment their design.

    The Process of Finish Carpentry

    After you call USA Carpentry and decide to have us come do some custom work for you, we will send members of our team to meet with you. Our carpenters will take a look at your house and see what is already there and what there is to work with. Deciding the placement and taking measurements is one of the first steps. Then comes the fun part, the design of the work. Our carpenter will work with you deciding on colors and materials and designs. After everything has been decided, we get to work. Our carpenters work quickly and efficiently to have your custom project done quickly and accurately. Let us provide you with the most elegant, precise craftsmanship.

    Finish Carpentry Services

    • Shelving
    • Built Ins
    • Fireplaces
    • Staircases
    • Trim Work
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Fixtures
    • Closets

    Finish Carpentry Remodels

    Finish Carpentry in Vancouver WA

    Finish carpenters do a lot of work with newly constructed houses that haven’t been sold yet. So there isn’t a need for custom work to be done. But because our team of carpenters are passionate about their craft we like to offer our skills to homeowners looking to remodel. Remodeling your home is an excellent way to add your own personal touch and make it truly unique. Maybe you don’t like the wood choice of the cabinets and it clashes with your paint color. Or maybe you want a custom bookshelf or closet built in to your house. Whatever you want done to remodel your house to the way you want it let us know. Our carpenters work with the highest quality materials and professional equipment. And we understand that having remodels can be messy, that is why we try our very best to get the job done quickly while providing you with the finest quality craftsmanship.

    About USA Carpentry

    USA Carpentry has been in business for over 20 years and has been family owned and operated since the beginning. And nothing has changed; they have always been and will always be about providing their customers with the best craftsmanship around. In addition to the teams excellent customer service. Being in the carpentry business you need to have good communication with your customers in order to deliver exactly what they are looking for. When we are doing custom work for someones home we are diligent in our work, our professionalism and accuracy has rewarded us with many, many happy clients.