Custom Closets Vancouver WA

Getting a Custom Closet

Custom Closets Vancouver WA

Deciding to get a custom closet put in is very exciting. But there are a few steps you need to take before you rush in and start tearing shelves down. Organizing your thoughts and your closet are the first things to do. Clear out your closet of all your clothes, purses, shoes and everything else you store in there. This allows you to see the space that you have to work with. It also gives to you opportunity to sort through your clothes and get rid of whatever you don’t need or want anymore, freeing up even more space for you. After your closet is cleared out you can take a look at the layout and design, take notes of what you like and what you want to change. At this point it is time to bring in a professional. There are many factors that you should think about when designing a custom closet. At USA Carpentry our team will help you with the new design for your closet, offering our professional advice for the most optimal use of space. We do more than just closets, our finish carpentry services include custom cabinets, bookshelves and many others.

Custom Closet Factors

    • Visibility
    • Functionality
    • Lighting
    • Shelving System
    • Use of Space
    • Accessories

    Your Custom Closet Design

    When you and your carpenter are designing your closet you want to think about other important aspects besides the cute, aesthetic of it. The visibility of your clothes is necessary when considering your layout. Limiting the amount of drawers and using more shelves allows you to immediately see all of your clothing options and it helps save space. Save the drawers for things like socks and undergarments, things you don’t need on display. Functionality is vital in closet layouts. You need to be sure that your design will be well suited for the purpose you want. You don’t want any aspect of your closet to impede your movement or ability to get to certain areas. Your closet is an organized system, you need to make sure that it’s going to function properly. Nobody wants to get dressed in the dark. Make sure you have adequate lighting in your closet, allowing everything to be clearly visible.

    Your Custom Closet Layout

    Custom Closets in Vancouver WAYour shelving system is going to be the fundamental building block of your closet and needs to be thought through thoroughly. You want the clothes that you wear most often at arm level and items that you only occasionally use on the higher or lower shelves. Everyone knows that closets are all about organization. And a smart use of space goes hand in hand with organization. The smarter you can utilize your given space the better organized your closet will be. Condense things that can be grouped together, hang up your delicate or fancy clothing on hangers and stack your heavy items like sweaters or denim on the shelves. Now your accessories like purses, ties, watches etc. take up very little space but you still want them to be easily available. Small pull-out drawers are perfect for your jewelry and other small items. Purses and ties can be easily hung up on special hangers for your closet rack.

    USA Carpentry Custom Closets

    We are experienced craftsmen who have the knowledge and capability to build you the custom closet you deserve. Let our team help you with your next remodeling project. We have over 20 years of experience with these kinds of jobs. And since the beginning of our business we have been family owned and operated, providing the highest level of craft and customer service around.